The fast, light and privacy-preserving Bitcoin Cash wallet.

What makes Neutrino so great?

Light & Fast

Installs in minutes. No registration required. Opens in seconds.

Network Privacy

Built on the privacy-preserving Neutrino light wallet protocol.

Robust Network

Connect to any Neutrino-enabled node rather than third party servers.

Need for Speed

Blazing Fast

This may be the fastest Bitcoin Cash wallet on the market.

Neutrino was designed from the ground up to be the fastest mobile wallet available for Bitcoin Cash. Its lightweight design means Neutrino starts up in seconds, and the intuitive design allows you to spend immediately. You'll be amazed how fast you can start transacting on the Bitcoin Cash network.

Shields up

Privacy First

Network-level privacy is baked directly into the protocol.

All existing light wallets can expose your financial history to third parties. Neutrino helps plug this leak by rethinking the way light wallets work. Rather than sending your addresses to third-party servers, Neutrino pulls directly from the Bitcoin Cash network and filters transactions on your mobile device. This is one step closer to preserving your financial anonymity.

Rock Solid

More Robust

Connect to any Neutrino-enabled node on the Bitcoin Cash network.

Traditional light wallet developers require that you to connect to their own servers to transact. If those servers go down for any reason you could lose access to your money. With Neutrino, everything changes. Every single node on the Bitcoin Cash network has the potential to act as a server for your wallet. As long as the Bitcoin Cash is operational, Neutrino will have somewhere to connect.

Are you ready?

Experience how fast Bitcoin can be with Neutrino.

Frequently Asked Questions


QWhat is Neutrino?

ANeutrino is a brand new Bitcoin light client written in Go and designed with mobile wallet apps in mind.

QSo is it a wallet or a protocol?

ABoth. The app on this page is the first mobile wallet that uses the Neutrino protocol, but in the future we expect more mobile wallets to build on top of Neutrino.

QWho are the people behind Neutrino?

AThe Neutrino protocol was developed by Roasbeef and other BTC contributors as part of the broader Lightning Network project. This protocol was ported to the Bitcoin Cash network as part of the bchd project and this Neutrino Wallet app was created by Chris Pacia.

QAny plans for an iOS version?

ANot yet, but if you're an interested iOS developer please get in touch.

The wallet is built on a golang service called bchwallet that does the heavy lifting, so a talented iOS developer shouldn't have too much trouble creating the frontend code.


QWhat is network-level privacy?

AThis refers to leaking as little information as possible to the peers or servers that your wallet connects to.

QWhy is network-level privacy important?

AMost mobile wallet applications currently disclose all the addresses in your wallet and your entire transaction history to third party servers. Although in most cases those servers are reputable and trustworthy, it is far better not to leak that data in the first place.

QWill this keep my transactions secret?

ANo. Neutrino does not turn Bitcoin Cash into a "privacy coin" like Monero. Eventually it can be combined with other privacy protocols such as CashShuffle in order to improve your overall financial privacy.

QWhat about when I send Bitcoin Cash?

ANeutrino's design means that your financial information is not leaked when receiving payments. To increase privacy when sending transactions, Neutrino also supports the use of Tor.


QHow do traditional mobile wallets work?

AMobile wallets need to know if there was a transaction related to your address without downloading the entire blockchain. There are different ways they achieve this, but in all cases it involves telling a third party server which addresses belong to you.

QWhat is client-side filtering?

ANeutrino's client-side filtering means you no longer have to disclose your Bitcoin address to find out if you have received a transaction. Neutrino downloads a hyper-compressed representation of each block, and your mobile phone checks to see if any transactions are related to you.

QDoesn't this increase bandwidth?

AYes it does, but when you crunch the numbers it’s not that bad. Even with large blocks (e.g. 100MB) the data usage is within the range of a typical mobile data plan. If you need to save even more bandwidth you can always adjust how the wallet syncs unconfirmed transactions.


QWhat nodes can I connect to?

ANeutrino can connect to any full node that supports the Neutrino protocol. This is currently limited to nodes running the bchd implementation.

QHow does Neutrino deal with forks?

ATraditional SPV wallets would follow the longest chain regardless of whether that chain was valid. Neutrino can at least perform sanity checks on the blocks that it downloads. For example, Neutrino will validate that blocks follow canonical transaction ordering and do not contain any invalid opcodes.

QWhat if a node "lies by omission"?

ATraditional SPV wallets could be made to believe a transaction didn't happen if the server they connect to lies by omission. This is not possible with Neutrino. Attempts to bamboozle the wallet can be detected and the peer will be banned.

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